5th EU-ISMET workshop

The ISMET community have traditionally given a warm welcome to PhD students and early career researchers by the organization of workshops in the different ISMET conferences. Besides being virtual, the Organizing Committee of the 5th EU-ISMET Conference is pleased to announce that the traditional workshop will take place on the morning of Monday 13th September. Fundamental knowledge and technical aspects of the field will be provided by three outstanding speakers from the University of Queensland, the Rice University and the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research.


The workshop is not included in the Conference registration fee. A separate registration (20€) is required to attend. Find registration details here.

Bernardino Virdis

Dr. Bernardino Virdis

University of Queensland

“Introduction to microbial electrochemistry: fundamentals and characterization tools”

Sara Tejedor-Sanz

Dr. Sara Tejedor-Sanz

Rice University

“How basic biology research can inspire us to innovate in microbial electrochemistry”

Benjamin Korth

Dr. Benjamin Korth

Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research

“On the thermodynamics of electroactive microorganisms”